Private Sessions

A one-on-one session with an instructor for 55 minutes. You utilize the Pilates apparatus (i.e. reformer, Cadillac, tower, wunda chair, ladder barrel) as well as incorporating Pilates mat work into the session. This type of session is highly recommended for beginners and people who like to have 100% of an instructor's attention.

Private sessions range from $70-85.

Semi-Private Sessions

Two to three clients work with one instructor for 55 minutes. The instructor will book all clients. Although it is a group session, semi-private sessions are still tailored to your workout level and goals, utilizing all Pilates equipment and mat work. Private sessions or prior Pilates experience required before taking a Semi-Private.

Semi-Private Sessions range from $45-55.

Tower Classes

Tower classes incorporate the use of the Wall Unit (apparatus) along with Mat work. This class is recommended for clients who have taken several private, semi-private or mat classes and are familiar with Pilates movement and terminology. By utilizing the Wall Unit, you will stretch your muscles while strengthening your core - Be prepared for a challenging workout! See schedule online.

Tower Classes range from $30-35.